Season 2 Factions rules

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★ Cannoning Rules:

○ AC 130’s are not allowed

○ Left and right directional shooting is not allowed

○ Reverse Nuking is NOT allowed!

○ Phasing cannons are not allowed

○ Auto cannoning is NOT allowed

○ Cannon shots must be 3 secounds apart

○ Anything other than a Button is NOT allowed when shooting a cannon



★ Raiding and Player vs. Player


○ Setting alternate accounts in another players base is allowed

○ TP trapping is allowed (Be mindful of who you accept TP requests from!)

○ Harassing a player from outside their base is allowed

○ Glitching into another player’s base is under no circumstances allowed

○ Spawners located in your base may be placed in a water protected room. However, the spawners themselves may not be water protected.

○ Trapping a player via schematic trapping is considered an unfair advantage and is not allowed

○ Using a printer to patch your walls while being raided is not allowed

○ Faction killing is a bannable offense

○ Scamming is NOT ALLOWED

○ Any form of automated raid detection are NOT allowed



★ Other Important Rules


○ Cobble Monstering is NOT allowed

○ There is a 20 chunk buffer limit starting from the first wall on your base

○ Factions may not combine with each other at the end of the season to gain an unfair advantage on /f top. Any faction(s) caught taking part in such actions will be disbanded and lose the opportunity to win end of season /f top rewards. ☹️

○ Players are not allowed to AFK on top of their base walls

○ Claiming outside of the world border is not allowed. Any claims found outside of the world border will be removed by staff. (*The staff team takes no responsibility for items lost due to a claim removed outside of world border*)

○ Border glitching is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban from StowawayMC Factions



★ Factions Chat Policy

Due to the typical player base of a factions server, Factions has a different set of chat rules from the rest of the server.


■ Swearing is allowed in moderation

■ Insulting another player’s faction and faction members is allowed within reason

■ Aside from these two exceptions, all other chat rules are still in effect!

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