Season 2 update for Factions and Skyblock

 Started by WebMaster

[IMPORTANT] Good afternoon everyone. The staff team and I have been thinking alot about some things that had come up with StowawayMC. As you all know we "were" supposed to release season 2 of factions today.. but unfortunately we will NOT be releasing Factions season 2 this week. However to make up for this we will be releasing Skyblock today! at 3PM EST. What lead up to us not releasing Season 2 today? - Well we had everything ready to go we just needed our donation platform (Tebex) to re-enable our account. However it took them a week to do so. - With the donation store not online I was not able to add many of the new ranks/features to it. Payout info for factions 1.) $100.00 paypal | $50.00 Buycraft 2.) $50.00 paypal | $25.00 Buycraft 3.) $25.00 Paypal | $15.00 Buycraft Payouts for skyblock 1.) $50.00 Buycraft 2.) $25.00 Buycraft 3.) $15.00 Buycraft There is NO paypal payouts for skyblock as it is just a beta season. Skyblock season The season will last 50 days. From 10/12/2019 - 12/01/2019 Factions season The faction season will OFFICIALLY be releasing 10/18/2019 and will last 1 month + a week for grace. Ending on 11/18/2019 INFO During this week we will be producing a trailer.. Re-upload it for 1 free Legendary key! Note from Stowaways I am trully sorry for this! Stuff pops up and I cannot control it. We will be working hard on getting a better expreince for you guys.
@here You can currently view the shop as we are updating it! (

By WebMaster, about 1 month ago